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Innofit Health & Fitness Co., Ltd.
is the subsidiary of Evertop Hardware Industrial CO.,Ltd. Iocated in Shangyu city of Zhejiang,china, the company is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of variours indoor bikes and fitness poducts. The manufacturing facility is certified and operated with ISO 9001 quality control system, twelve (12) of Japaness-made robot welding machinesare installed to produce 50,000 sets of indoor bike and fitness equipment per month. Additionally the campany also sets up its in-house test lab.to test tension, hardness, torque and life time..etc of the parts and finished goods. Furthermore, a moderm showroom exhibits our updated products to the intemational visitors all year around.

Along the past 20 years,our motto is to develop the healthy and ergonomic products at reasonable prices, we believe,following this simple and easy princuple, Innofit can create more and more business chances for our intemational customers that benefit the company and the partnership in the longer run. 
Innofit Health & Fitness Co.,Ltd.  Innofit Health & Fitness Co.,Ltd.
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